Colt State Park Review

Should you go?


What a gem this place is. Bike paths, water, a dreaming tree, deer roaming the grounds – it doesn’t get any better! It’s one of our favorite parks in Rhode Island.


We had lived in RI for a couple of years before ever finding out about the “hidden” gem that is Colt State Park (well, hidden for us).

But one day I (Brian) was scrolling on Instagram and I saw my friend’s feet kicked up in bright blue Nike sneakers while he was overlooking the water. “Where is he,” I asked. The view was absolutely amazing.

He filled us in on the secret and off we went. Colt State Park is located at Route 114, Bristol, RI 02809. It’s an easy drive and just 30 minutes from Providence, if that helps you gauge how far it might be for you.

It is, without a doubt, our favorite park in the area. As you’ll see in the “Features” section of this post, it has everything you could want in a park and more, with unique features we can’t seem to find anywhere else.


We’ll start with parking first. When you arrive, you’ll hit maybe one to two roundabouts. We recommend heading over the small bridge and toward the open grounds. There are multiple parking lots along the water route.

If it’s your first time there, just grab the first parking spot you see. We feel it’s best to just get out of your car and start exploring the park and taking in the scenes on foot or on your bike.

There really aren’t any bad spots no matter where you park, so don’t worry about it too much. Drop that hunk of metal off somewhere and start your adventure!


The park’s views are simply stunning, and the homerun feature of Colt State Park is the water. It brings in a glorious breeze, and the sun echoes off the surface brilliantly. Our favorite kind of day is when there are some fluffy clouds floating across the horizon, sun shining through the gaps, and boats floating across the water like toys in the bath.

Next are the walking / bike paths. They’re roomy in most places and they snake along the grounds very logically. They’ll take you past the water, into the back part of the park where you’ll see deer roaming free and catching naps, and they even deviate outside of the park, where you can follow them to restaurants and into small towns.

Another one of our favorite features of the park are the open grounds. The first time we went, we saw people had set up tents, so we went back the very next day and did the same thing.

It is such a wonderful experience to set up a tent, kick your shoes off, and eat a meal, read a book, and take a nap. It’s these kinds of things that make Colt State Park so unique – we just don’t feel this kind of possibility at other parks.


Our personal recommendations for Colt State Park are as follows:

  • Cross over the small bridge and park in one of the lots – This puts you in the best part of the park, in our opinion.
  • Bring bikes – The park is fairly expansive, and bikes allow you to enjoy it all while also giving you the option of exploring the paths beyond the grounds.
  • Bring a tent – Eat, read a book, play chess, listen to music; bringing a tent takes the experience at Colt State to another level.
  • Visit the Dreaming Tree – One pro tip is that there is a large tree whose branches and leaves overhang to the point where you can walk into the canopy. It’s really cool, and you’ll feel like a little kid exploring again. And, if you’re a climber, it’s a dream (hence the name we’ve given it).

Final Thoughts

Colt State Park is a truly special place, and if you’re lucky enough to live close to it, and you haven’t visited yet, we emphatically recommend it.

Even if you’re from out of town, we suggest putting this on your list of stops.

This is a place for taking in wonderful views, for feeling fresh air touch your skin, for having adventures, and making unforgettable memories.

Colt State Park
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21:42 03 Nov 23
Very nice place for ocean shore relaxing
21:31 02 Nov 23
Great place to walk
Nick GionisNick Gionis
21:51 30 Oct 23
usman khanusman khan
02:18 30 Oct 23
Awesome place for family day. Plenty of parking and one of the best sunset views.
Kramom CKramom C
11:25 13 Sep 23
Came here a alot during the summer months for family gatherings parties. Tends to be overcrowded during peak summer months, but what park with water access isn't? The sites are maintained well. The staff I've encountered are nice, professional and courteous...My kids like going to the seawall and when the tide is low, look for crustaceans 😅
Lauren Van ScoyocLauren Van Scoyoc
03:07 19 Aug 23
Took our bikes out one sunny afternoon for a stroll and it was by far one of my most favorite places we've been! So much fun, easy to navigate, enjoy the views and beautiful weather!
Basiliki KotsogiannisBasiliki Kotsogiannis
01:05 19 Aug 23
Beautiful! Wish people would keep it clean. The bathroom was spotless. The second time I went it, someone left their babie's diaper in there.This is a gorgeous park with bike trails and fishing pier.
Walter JonesWalter Jones
18:47 30 Jun 23
6/23 Colt State Park, Bristol RI. My opinion is that this is the best walking park on the RI bay. Plenty of free places for parking, restrooms are clean this morning and the walking paths are generously wide. Great place for outings, fishing and picnics.
Giniro KitsuneGiniro Kitsune
00:08 28 May 23
I need to remember that this park is near the water! Bring a sweater just in case. The sea breeze makes it great even if the high for the day is hot. Lots of picnic tables everywhere, but spread out enough so everyone has enough space. I like walking by the water and looking at the rocks, crabs, and snails.The park itself has paved pathways, great parking, picnic tables, benches and sometimes lemonade or ice cream trucks.