Fun Things For Couples To Do In Seattle

Seattle is a unique destination, with a storied musical history, tons of activities to explore, and a busy night life if you tend to get a second wind after the sun goes down.

I (Brian) am a huge grunge fan, and walking in the footsteps of bands like Pearl Jam, Nirvana, and Soundgarden was something I’d always wanted to do. So when we planned a trip to Yosemite in nearby California, we added Seattle as the final leg.

This pairing of a national park followed by a city actually worked really well, so there’s a bonus recommendation right off the bat for you!

Below is the full agenda from our trip to Seattle, WA. There’s something in here for everyone, whether you’re trying to plan a romantic date, hopping around the city with friends, or even taking your family.

Day 1

Mediterranean Inn

Our headquarters for the Seattle trip was the Mediterranean Inn. What a perfect location!

  • 10 minutes on foot from the Space Needle.
  • Surrounded by good restaurants and a grocery store.
  • Has a rooftop deck with an amazing view of the city.

We just loved it here. The staff were awesome – super helpful and very available. No matter what time of day or night, whenever we needed them, there was someone at the desk ready and willing to help.

Another bonus about the Mediterranean Inn is that they have laundry machines for longer stays. We are always very happy to stay anywhere with laundry machines!

The rooftop is an awesome place to take in the city when you first arrive and steal some romantic moments together. There’s comfortable seating, space heaters, and you get a really nice view of the Space Needle.

The Mediterranean Inn was a great introduction to Seattle and we recommend it as the ‘home base’ for your visit!

Moontree Sushi & Tapas

After checking in we needed some grub, so we Googled some restaurants nearby and checked out the menus. Moontree Sushi and Tapas had a ‘fire dragon roll’ that looked amazing, so we headed there.

This place definitely delivered. It was super busy but we were seated pretty quickly, and sat by a window. I got my fancy roll, Shio got the Chirashi, and both were delicious.

Eating quality sushi while looking out at the city street was a really nice introduction to Seattle. We recommend Moontree if you’re hungry and in the area!

VEO Bike

We wanted to head to a different part of the city and, while it wasn’t super far, it was far enough to look around for a Bird scooter, Lime scooter, or something of the sort.

Well, we didn’t find either of those but what we did find – what Seattle has – are VEO bikes. Same idea as a scooter (battery-operated, top speed just fast enough to crash and get hurt but not die), but a weird-looking bicycle design.

Just as we did in Nashville, we broke the rules and both went on it at the same time. I think we tried Shio on the front at first, and when that almost ended in disaster, she hopped on the back. It was a white-knuckle ride but we made it.

Not recommended. But also, highly recommended.

In all seriousness, no you’re not supposed to do this, but if you’re a younger couple and up for some laughs (and maybe a couple of playful close calls), it’s actually really fun.

Amazon Fresh

Shio really wanted to visit one of these Amazon Fresh stores and I admittedly hadn’t even heard of it. It’s basically a high tech grocery store where you just grab items and walk out, and it detects what you have and somehow charges you.

It’s still a little beyond me – my excuse is that I was hungry and everything was a blur – but it was really cool.

It’s not really a couples thing or an official recommendation for a visit to the city, but we wanted to mention it because it was just another in a long list of interesting things we ended up doing in Seattle.

Salt & Straw

If you’re looking to top off a cute date night, Salt & Straw is the perfect place.

It’s on a road that’s a big incline, which kind of gives it that San Francisco city feel, and the area had a lot of college kids (the good kind) around, which gave it a vibrant, young energy.

The menu is really cool, too. There are tons of unique flavors that you won’t find anywhere else, like:

  • Pots of Gold & Rainbows (has lucky charms in it)
  • Honey Lavendar
  • Strawberry Honey Balsamic w/ Black Pepper (don’t be hasty, it’s really tasty)

Cool, right?

Visit with your significant other, laugh and discuss the flavors, ‘mmm’ and ‘ohhh’ at the tastes, and walk the area with your treats for some people-watching.

Day 2

Oddfellows Cafe & Bar

We started our second day in Seattle at Oddfellows Cafe & Bar. Pretty nice place with hearty, fresh food and a nice rustic ‘wooden’ look to the inside. It has that cozy trendy feel, with both indoor and outdoor seating.

We were seated outside and I got a breakfast sandwich (can’t remember what Shio got). It was delicious and super filling, so you certainly get your money’s worth here.

Sitting outside on a comfortable day in Seattle with the sun shining, dogs happily seated next to their owners looking for any sign of a food drop, and the sounds of conversation made for a perfect morning.

Oddfellows gets a thumbs up from us as a spot to consider for a good meal!

Fleet Feet

As with Amazon Fresh, this is a little strange to put in a guide to visiting Seattle, but hey – we went here, I had a fantastic experience, so why not?

So the story is that I did not leave Yosemite with the same shoes I entered with. My beloved New Balances were thoroughly trashed and I need some new kicks. During breakfast, we Googled a few places and settled on Fleet Feet because of the positive reviews.

What a pleasant surprise this place was. A truly boutique experience that you don’t have to pay any extra for. Here’s what the shoe-buying process looks like at FF:

  • They use a special tool to measure the pressure points of your step and arch of your foot.
  • They observe you walking for more information.
  • They take your personal input.
  • They come out with some shoe options that best fit your individual data and needs.

It’s really cool. I walked (very comfortably) out of there with some of the most comfortable Nikes I’ve ever owned, and they’re perfect for my lifestyle and fitness activities, not to mention my foot.

I wish I could remember who worked with me because he was great. Young guy that unfortunately won’t get his well-deserved shout-out today.

But I digress – if you are in the market for some new shoes, give FF a try!

Bruce Lee grave site

I have been a martial arts fan and practitioner my entire life. My oldest brother Mike used to own nunchucks. We are a family of Bruce Lee fans.

Visiting his grave site, where he lays in rest next to his fallen son, Brandon Lee, was both a priority and extremely surreal.

The cemetary was beautiful. The gravestones and inscriptions were stunning. And somewhere on the grounds, close by, was a tree that, rather than reaching for the sky, it seemed to lean and weep.

Quite appropriate for this quiet and contemplative scene.

Obviously not likely to be a prime spot for a date, but for more established couples or fans of this legendary and talented father-son duo, this is a good spot to have on your list.

This was further outside of our ‘walking circle’ near the hotel, so this is one of the rare times we used Uber. We got there safely and, just as a side note, Seattle’s Uber experience did seem to be pretty safe, friendly, and positive. I mention this because it is not always the case, unfortunately. Some day, I’ll post about our Uber experience in Las Vegas…

Pike Place Market

What’s a visit to Seattle without a stop at the iconic Pike Place Market? A lame one, that’s what.

Yeah, ok. We did the touristy thing and went to Pike. While it didn’t include an impromptu performance by Dave Grohl (yep, that happened), it was still pretty cool.

It’s a farmer’s market, so you’ll see just what you’d expect; a mile of fresh produce. But there are all kinds of little shops and stands with trinkets and knick knacks for you to browse and sift through.

For me personally, Pike didn’t blow my mind. It was cool, it has that iconic look after seeing it in photos for so many years, but it wasn’t even the most impressive farmer’s market I’ve been to.

Not hating, just want to be fair about my impression of it. Glad we went, glad we checked it off the list, and definitely glad we snapped some great pictures, but don’t expect to be ‘wowed’ by it or anything.


With that said about Pike (I’m not hating on it, really), it does include the original Starbucks location, which is pretty neat.

They’ve got the old signage, logo, and colors – and very long lines, so be ready to wait for your turn to get inside.

If I remember correctly, they use a head count to avoid getting overcrowded in there. We went inside to look at some tumblers and get some drinks and it was comfortable (no elbow bumping) and we didn’t feel rushed or anything.

Nice to see a piece of history but again, it’s a Starbucks. And if you’re not sitting down, you probably won’t end up being in there too long, so at least for us, it was more of a checklist item rather than something we’d be eager to do again on another visit.

Gum Wall

You’re going to start thinking I didn’t like Seattle. I did like it, but this is another location or landmark that I wasn’t all that impressed with. In fact, I kind of found it disgusting (laughing as I write this).

Look, I’m a fan of grunge. Unwashed, unkempt, dark, dirty, against the grain. Loud, screaming, alternate tunings, distorted guitars. I was a teenager in the 90s. It’s my era of music and culture, and I get it.

I’ve seen pictures of it, and I thought it was funny, cool, and original. And it is! But when you’re there, it’s also fairly disgusting.

Walking past gobs of gooey stalactites formerly swishing around in someone’s mouth – I was ready to put another check mark on the list and leave.

Maybe you’ll love it. I do think pictures of it, or of your party in front of it, will add something to your photo album that you can not get anywhere else. But I did want to offer my honest thoughts on this in case you’ve got a gag reflex in the neighborhood of mine.

Blended Juice & Coffee

Blended is good. Not great, definitely not bad, just good. And I think I’m supported on that by the Google reviews, which average at around 4 stars.

I do like the ingredients they have available for their smoothies, and it looks like they have some decent food choices, too. I guess my main issue is that we’ve been to so many smoothie and juice places that we returned to, and Blended isn’t necessarily calling us back.

One more knock before I get to the good stuff – the outside of the place was completely trashed from rioting. It was really dirty outside and in front of the door, and the door was pretty sloppily covered because of the broken glass.

Those are my honest thoughts on our experience there, but let’s get to the good stuff, because that’s part of it too!

The drinks were refreshingly cool. The decor was really trendy and fun. They had comfortable bean bag chairs. And they had some fun games you could play while getting a break from the heat.

Here’s Shio and I playing a bag toss game that I definitely won (hope Shio doesn’t read this).

So all told, it’s a fun place for a couple to stop in, spontaneously as you’re strolling around the city or as part of a multi-stop date. This would be a good place to grab a treat and play a game, which is always a good scenario for reducing awkwardness and facilitating conversation.

Cashew Thai Cuisine

Now is about the right time to tell you that I got COVID while visiting Seattle, so at some point during Day 2, I was knocked out of commission.

Shio, however, remained healthy and visiting Cashew Thai a couple of times. Once for lunch and on another occasion for dinner (takeout).

Nice place! She enjoyed the food and my impression while watching her eat it, laying beside her wishing I could eat, was that it looked and smelled really good.

I dug further and checked them out on Google and it looks like a fun menu with a lot of interesting starters and entrees. These kinds of Asian cuisine restaurants just seem to have that ‘thing’ that makes them great spots for a date.

The food is decorative and beautiful and the flavors are bold and exciting. The food facilitates conversation, which needs to flow when you’re looking for a spark.

Sorry I can’t do better on this recommendation, as I was down and out and couldn’t visit myself, but Shio tried it twice and from what I’ve seen (strong reviews on Google, by the way), it’s a solid recommendation.

International Fountain

The International Fountain is situated nicely, with a stellar view of the Space Needle in the distance. In fact, the Space Needle is an easy walk from the fountain, too!

It’s got an interesting design; it’s basicially a giant bowl, which is cool because you can sit anywhere on the sides of the ‘bowl’ and get a good view of the orb in the middle, which generously sprays powerful streams of water high in the air.

We heard music playing over loudspeakers, children laughing and playing in the water, and stopped to take it all in.

It’s always nice to find a city, or at least a spot within a city, where you can enjoy the outdoors. They’ve done a great job on this area; it’s as green as can be, the air was fresh, and the water was at least clean enough for the kids not to be scared away.

Great spot to stop and talk, or sit quietly and people watch, and you could even consider getting some takeout somewhere and sitting down here for a little picnic. Date idea, fellas – are you paying attention?

Chihuly Garden & Glass

Mark this one down as a great date spot. Aren’t all museums?

The Chihuly Garden and Glass museum featured glass-blown artworks that are, quite simply, stunning. This place comes highly rated, currently holding a 4.7 from its Google reviews, and we’d have to agree. We loved it here.

I’ve read that it can take 2-3 hours to make your way through the whole thing. I’m sure that’s true, but our experience was closer to 1 hour. It could be that we did spontaneously purchase tickets and it was later in the day, so we had to make our way through a little faster to beat closing time. Still a great experience, though!

You’ll learn a lot, take amazing pictures, and tickets are easy to obtain and can be bought in person or online.

It’s got an indoor and an outdoor section which we really liked. We even took a cute couple’s picture in one of the spheres outside with the Space Needle in the background!

And hey, while we on the topic – the Space Needle is really close by so if you’re trying to make a plan for the day, the Chihuly / Space Needle combination is, as they say in Massachusetts, a no-brainah.

Space Needle

It’s a little cliché to have the Space Needle on the list but what are you gonna do? It’s a Seattle staple.

Yes it’s a little pricey; you’ll see ‘$$$’ if you Google it, and they’re not lying. It’s a bit on the expensive side.

But we thought it was worth it.

First, you get a really fun elevator ride that not enough people talk about! I think with all sky-scraping landmarks like this, the anticipation and wonder before going all the way up is one of the best parts.

The elevator ride really adds to this because it’s enclosed in glass – you can see out of it while you’re going up.

I loved this part. Looking out at the city as you travel up the needle was exciting, beautiful, and added a lot to the experience. So glad they designed it like that.

Next is the observation deck itself. There’s all kinds of history cards with pictures and interesting bits of information for you to learn.

And of course the views are wonderful. With its flat elliptical shape, the glass windows of the deck are angled down, at an obtuse angle to the floor.

If you’re at all sensitive to heights, this could be anything from fun and exciting to scary, so be aware. I saw people laying on these and it made me dizzy just looking at them.

That said, it’s a pretty cool feature and gives you that feeling of being alive and remembering how high up you are.

It seemed like something that might not last long but you can actually spend a good hour or more up there if you explore the entire circle with all its views of the city and Mount Rainier, all the picture opportunities, and they offer cocktails and food as well.

For couples, it’s a gold mine. The thrill of the height, the views, the pictures, and drinks. Talk about a winning combo.

Day 3

COBA lunch

This is another Shio find. It’s a Vietnamese place with the following things going for it:

  • Large variety of menu options
  • Delicious, vibrant food
  • Really friendly, attentive staff
  • Chill, urban environment

It’s another great restaurant in the city. Asian food with another ‘W’ in Seattle!

It’s also a great place for a date, especially if (writing from the man’s perspective) your gal hasn’t been there before. Take her here and you’re setting yourself up to look cool.

COBA rounds out our recommendations for places to eat in Seattle. You’ve got a lot of great options on the list now and we hope it’s helpful to your planning!

Sugar Bakery

Ah, yes. The Sugar Bakery. Talk about perfect branding. Take my money!

Cute place, cozy atmosphere – great place for a mid-afternoon date. Grab a coffee and a pastry and have a chat. But beware, some of the desserts are flaky and can get messy, which isn’t ideal if you’re trying to set up some romantic moments.

They get pretty strong ratings at around a 4.4 currently on Google, and most people sing their praises, even going so far as to say they’ve been loyal customers for years.

The one issue that seemed to be recurring (even though we didn’t run into it) was that they can sometimes be understaffed, and therefore underprepared for higher customer volumes.

Still, even when people had that complaint, they said Sugar Bakery was worth the wait, so it gets a recommendation from us.

Kinnear Park

Decent park and a good spot if you want to try something different and more outside of the city, which does result in some great views!

It’s dog-friendly, which I personally love because I enjoy meeting and greeting friendly dogs with willing owners.

This is a smaller park, and a great place to walked with your partner, hold hands, and explore.

It does get a recommendation and, we did go there so we’re putting it on our itinerary, but don’t expect to be blown away or anything. Just a nice place to explore and get a different view of Seattle from.

Final Thoughts On Visiting Seattle, Washington

As a couple, we really enjoyed Seattle. We experienced good food, incredible views, and because of where we were situated, with our ‘home base’ being the Mediterranean Inn, our entire 3-day experience was very walkable / scootable. Shio only had to Uber once, but other than that, we didn’t touch rideshare or public transport.

Something else worth mentioning is that, from Shio’s perspective, Seattle had a strong Asian community presence. We saw many friendly faces from the region, and there were plenty of Asian eateries to try.

We also saw a strong population of Asian college students, so it seems like a fantastic place if you’re studying abroad.

That said, there were some things we didn’t care for. Many of the city streets had a very powerful smell of urine, and we fairly frequently encountered homeless people yelling, gesturing violently, and even smashing glass.

I’m used to this to some degree, having lived in America my entire life, but it was to a level that was definitely a bit more noticeable.

With that said, overall, Seattle was a fun place to visit with a character of its own. It’s a great place to visit if you’re a couple, a music fan, or if you’re looking for an interesting city to explore with friends or family.