Fun Things to Do in Nashville, TN for Couples

Heading to Nashville, TN? We’ve compiled a list of fun things to do in the Music City. Whether you’re going solo, with a group, or with your significant other, use this page as inspiration for your trip or follow our itinerary to the letter!

Day 1

Hattie B’s Restaurant

Hattie B’s was our first stop when we got to Nashville. The reason we chose it is because it’s pretty well-known, it’s close to 12 South, which was our next stop, and because, well, we were hungry! We got chicken and waffles, and it was delicious. We didn’t try Nashville Hot (not that brave), and accidentally ordered too many waffles, so we left there stumbling and thirsty.

This was a fun first stop in Nashville and we do recommend it as an “indulge” meal.

12 South

This street has a really cool strip of shops, cafes, and restaurants. After walking the entire length, we stopped by Sevier Park for some rest and beautiful views. Then, we hopped on some bird scooters and visited Portland Brew for a drink, which was comfortable and cute. Finally, we’d be remiss not to mention 12 South is the place where you can take a picture in front of the famous “I Believe in Nashville” mural.

If you’re looking to enjoy cute accessories and trendy cafes together, 12 South St. is a great choice.

Here’s a map of the area:

The Dogwood

With the Hattie B’s chicken and waffles still occupying space in our stomachs, we were gripped by extreme thirst. We stopped by The Dogwood bar & restaurant for some drinks. It wasn’t very busy, so we’re not sure how the vibe gets when it is, but during the day, it was the perfect oasis to stop in, sip something tasty, and look out over Division Street.

I Love Sushi Restaurant

At night we took a nice walk outside and came across I Love Sushi. Good food and good service here! We sat at the bar / counter and were able to watch the chefs make sushi as well as look at the variety of ingredients behind the glass. We were happy with our experience here and were fueled up and energized for the final leg of Day 1.

Pedestrian Bridge

The Pedestrian Bridge is right next to the famous (and always busy) Broadway. It’s the perfect escape from all the hoopla. It’s quiet, peaceful, and beautiful at night. We took a nice walk on it and enjoyed the views before heading back to Broadway.

Fair warning, though, beneath the bridge there are some darker, less visible areas and some potentially shady characters, so our recommendation is to stay near the crowds when wandering around at night.


Broadway is the most infamous street in downtown Nashville. Here, you’ll see characters and costumes, and you’ll hear amazing bar bands that would be the most talented anywhere else in the country but here, they’re a dime a dozen. There’s lights, there’s lines, and it’s something you have to experience when visiting!

We had a great time walking up and down the strip a few times, popping into bars, listening to music, and visiting rooftops for the views. One recommendation we have is that if you can visit during Halloween, the people watching on Broadway doesn’t get any better.

Day 2

Lane Motor Museum

We had a super fun visit to the Lane Motor Museum. They have some of the funkiest, most interesting vehicle designs you’ll ever see, which showcases the trial and error that has gone into what we enjoy in our modern automotive lives.

Along with cars, they also feature planes and motorcycles. We had a good laugh at the Yike Bike. Just watch the video, you’ll see what we mean…

We were surprised to have spent 2 hours here, or even more! We were just in that kind of mood, strolling around to gaze, laugh, and have multiple “wow” moments.

Pinewood Social

We found a fun, hip oasis in Pinewood Social. It’s a little embarrassing to say, but we had a little trouble finding it. Once you see the sign, it’s a “duh” moment, but the area it’s in kind of tricks you into thinking you might be off course.

It’s really beautiful inside, and it was absolutely packed. The hostess was really cool and sat us on a comfortable couch in front. It almost felt like a waiting area, but it’s possible they were busy enough to use this for seating guests!

We had sandwiches, German-style breadsticks and mustard, and took in the scene. The other cool part of Pinewood is that they have bowling! The balls are an on-theme blue green, and the alley really adds to the overall atmosphere. Definitely one of Nashville’s best spots and highly recommended!

Country Music Hall of Fame

We hadn’t even planned on going to the Country Music Hall of Fame but as we were walking around Nashville, we saw it and decided to visit. They were closing in one hour, so we had to keep up the pace, but even doing so, it was a wonderful experience.

You’ll hear the music of country stars past and present, see their award-winning records all over the walls, and see the instruments they played (and even cars they drove). They’ve done a really good job on this museum and an hour to an hour and a half is all you’ll need to fully enjoy it.

Headquarters Beercade

What an awesome place! We stopped in for drinks and free arcade games. We played Pac-Man, some first-person shooters, pinball, and skeeball. Service was fast and friendly, and we thought the free gaming would have some kind of catch, but it didn’t. We were free to play and stay as long as we wanted.

2023 update:

Unfortunately, HQ Nashville has closed down, but if you can find something similar, it’s a great experience and perfect for a date. Alcohol + gaming + time to sit and talk is a winning combination.

Bird Scooter Ride (Downtown)

This isn’t necessarily a “stop” in Nashville, but in our opinion, it’s something you have to try with your significant other.

After gaming at HQ, we had a long walk to our next destination. Instead of walking or getting an Uber, we decided to break the rules (a little) and both hop on to a Bird scooter. It was a chaotic and hilarious spectacle, and we even had native Nashvillers yelling words of encouragement as I (Brian) sped down the sidewalks with Shio standing in front of me.

If you’re adventurous and have the balance, this is one of those experiences you just don’t forget!

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Wings Mural

There are murals all over the city and these are something that make the Nashville experience unique. They’re really fun to seek out and find. And, of course, the payoff is taking a picture! This is a great couples activity, and you’ll usually run into a group in front of the mural and it’s easy to find someone willing to take your picture (which, of course, you can offer to reciprocate).

Here’s where the famous “Nashville Wings” are located:

Blue Stripes Cacao Shop

Sadly, another Nashville location that has closed down! Still a beautiful area, though, so we still recommend walking through here and making a stop if you find something interesting.

We got a chocolate milkshake with the classic double straw, and sipped it in front of a really cool waterfall display! This is the perfect place to grab a drink or a treat, sit and talk and take a break, particularly in the evening when things get romantic.

Grace’s Alley

Grace’s Alley is an in-between stop (at least it was for us), and not a venue per se. On a comfortable night, it is the perfect place to stop and take a picture. We ran into other people doing the same thing, which is true for a lot of Nashville stops, like the murals, and that’s all part of the experience.

Apparently, it’s named after one of the neighborhood dogs, which is cuter than Taylor Swift.

Sunda Nashville

Sunda was a great stop for dinner. It was super busy, but we found seats at the end of the bar (might be a good thing to look for if you run into the same thing). The place has a number of different areas – there’s a lot to it!

We got the pork belly Dim Sum and sushi rolls. The food was good, service was a bit slow but not bad if you take into account how busy it was.

Day 3

Nashville Farmer’s Market

If you prefer a natural and organic experience, I recommend shopping and brunching at the Farmer’s Market. we bought t-shirts, food court (boba tea), listened to music (piano), soap, oil, flowers

The Nashville Farmer’s Market was a fantastic stop! It has:

  • A food court
  • Live music
  • Shopping

First, we picked up lunch at Music City Crepes. Filling and delicious! Then we picked up some green apple bubble tea (Shio’s favorite) at Bubble Love. While we sipped our tea, we listened to some live music – lots of great covers from Billy Joel and Coldplay, and the artist was super friendly.

Then we went shopping for t-shirts, soap, oil, flowers, and vegetables. The Farmer’s Market is a great place to stop in. We had a blast and we know you will, too!

Tempered Fine Chocolates

If you’re a chocolate lover and on the lookout for stylish cafes, Tempered Fine Chocolates is a great option. They have a large assortment, so there’s something for everyone. You can pair your treat with a warm drink or even some whiskey or wine, too!

There’s indoor and outdoor seating, and both options are comfortable and stylish. The other great thing is that it’s situated very close to a neighborhood, so the whole vibe feels very “at home.”

We loved Tempered, and picked up some well-packaged gifts for family before we left.

Marathon Motor Works

Marathon Motor Works is a great place to learn about history and to do some shopping. We just walked in and enjoyed a walking tour; there was no reservation necessary.

Now, we have to be honest – for all the history around us, we got lured into the gift shop and spend most of the time looking at hats, sweatshirts, and other items. With that confession out of the way, we came away with some really cool keepsakes to help us remember the trip.

If you’re into history and looking to get some souvenirs, this is a great place to work into your itinerary.

The Blue Room

Next, we got some drinks and caught a show at The Blue Room. It is blue, and it is a room. But it’s much more than that!

There is a really nice outdoor seating area located just outside the venue where we enjoyed our pre-show drinks. Then, the show started and we all loaded inside.

Space is tight in there, but that’s a good thing. It had that perfect small club feel. We saw a fantastic indie band. The music was rocking, the crowd was into it, and the lighting was a vibe. If you’re not 17 years old, we do recommend wearing ear plugs because the tight space and loud amps are a recipe for tinnitus.

Day 4

Maggiano’s Little Italy

On our last day, we needed some lunch before preparing to depart in the evening. We decided to try some Italian food at Maggiano’s Little Italy.

It took a second to figure out we needed to head upstairs, but we made it and sat at the bar. Service was good, food was good, prices were just ok. Overall a good experience and it put food in our bellies and gave us energy for our final Nashville activity.

Centennial Park

Our final stop in Nashville was Centennial Park. It’s pretty big, and kept us entertained for quite awhile.

When we arrived, we saw people playing frisbee and other park games. There are plenty of walkways, and plenty of dogs to pet if you’re into that thing (Brian is very much into petting every dog he sees).

The main attraction is the Parthenon, which is an exact replica of an ancient Greek structure. It is really awesome. Even walking around the outside is interesting and awe-inspiring. As we remember, you do have to pay to get inside, although there are apparently certain times when you don’t. Definitely worth checking out!

What We Loved About Nashville

  • There is a plethora of great date opportunities in Nashville, like museums, parks, and restaurants with beautiful balconies.
  • The city is safe and clean, which you unfortunately can’t say about every city these days.
  • There is (was) a free arcade that was a big highlight for me. I channeled my inner child and Shio had a blast, too.
  • It’s Tennessee, so if you’re into guns, it isn’t hard to find a range.
  • 12 South was a highlight with its wall murals, charming shops, fancy cafes, and a nice park at the end of the street.
  • The car museum has plenty of attractions, and it even attracts famous Japanese companies for training purposes.
  • The Farmer’s Market is a great place for brunch, with cafes and places for shopping nearby.

What We Would Do Differently Next Time

Our main piece of advice is to consider booking or reserving some things ahead of time.

  • For example, we missed the opportunity to see a show at the Ryman Auditorium. With all the planning involved in our trip to Nashville, we simply overlooked it, and when we looked for last-minute openings, there weren’t any. If you’re interested in seeing a show somewhere, do take the time to book something in advance while planning your trip!
  • Along those same lines, make reservations! When planning to indulge by dining at trendy restaurants or enjoying activities such as bowling at Pinewood Social, we recommend making reservations ahead of time. There’s plenty of room to be spontaneous, but there are some things you’ll miss out on if you don’t think ahead and reserve a spot.

Overall, we would have taken a bit more time to plan in order to book show tickets or to simply be more prepared to reserve certain things while we were there.

Final Thoughts on Visiting Nashville

Nashville is a great city to visit for couples, groups, or solo travelers. It’s fun, active, modern, and bursting with some of the best music in the country. There are murals, museums, and good food. The main city is safe and organized, and the outlying areas are charming and interesting. Everything is reasonably walkable, but for longer distances, scooters and Uber are readily available.

You’ll come away from a visit to Nashville with iconic pictures, wonderful and unique experiences, and a lifetime of memories. We highly recommend Nashville, TN and hope this guide has been helpful!

If you’re overwhelmed by planning your trip, use our itinerary! Or, use it as inspiration to schedule your own Nashville adventure.

Good luck, and have a great time!