Guide To Parc Omega in Canada

The first time we visited Parc Omega, we had barely returned to our home in Rhode Island before we booked a return trip. We simply had to go again. This is a very special place, where you can find peace, calm, wonder, and reconnect with wild nature.

It’s located in Montebello, Quebec, Canada. It takes us about 7 hours to drive from where we’re located, and we always stay in a historic inn somewhere in Vermont or New Hampshire about halfway there, which makes the trek more comfortable and adds another great layer to the trip.

When Is The Best Time To Visit?

In our experience, the best time to visit is in winter, because most of the park’s animals are suited for winter or arctic climates. Parc Omega has wolves, bears, moose, elk, deer, caribou, foxes, boars, bison, turkeys, and more.

While there are perks to seeing the animals in other seasons, like rutting or the birth of cubs, there’s nothing quite like seeing them in the environment they were designed for.

Winter also makes things like the Sugar Shack more fun, where you scale a small hillside to enter a quaint village setting, with fires, cabins, music, and gooey maple syrup made into taffy by drizzling it onto fresh snow. Wait 30 seconds, roll it onto your popsicle stick, and enjoy a delicious treat!

Finally, one of the best things to do on a moonlit night in the frozen north with wolves howling in the distance is to make a fire to warm yourself after a long day in the park. Omega has indoor and outdoor fireplaces for you to use, depending on the cabin you get.

In fact, one of the key things to know about the cabins is that, from what we can tell, the Alpha and Omega wolf cabins are the only ones with fireplaces (wood burning stoves) inside. This is really critical because it makes a big difference having a fire inside to enjoy, compared to having to go outside (and be outside, in the cold) to experience it.

When Is It Open?

Parc Omega is open every day from 10am-4pm. However, this only applies to the part for the general public and the part of the park you can drive through.

If you’re a guest, the restaurant is open for dinner and you’ll be able to visit employees at the main desk until 10pm.

Another pro tip for Omega Park is that even after the employees leave at 10pm and the gate closes, you can still leave and come back. They provide a gate code so you can re-enter whenever you’d like, which is nice, but not many stores in the area will be open after that time (if any)!

How Much Does It Cost?

There are about 4 different types of accommodations you can book at the park. We can speak to the cabins, since we’ve stayed in a small one and a large one.

The smaller one is called a Wolf cabin. There are two units, Alpha and Omega, right next to each other (yep, you get neighbors). The base price was $779 CAD for one night, and with tax it came out to $927 CAD. In USD, the total was $686.

One the expensive side, but during and after the experience, the last thing you’re thinking about is the money you spent. It’s beautifully built, there’s a fireplace inside with free wood provided, there are wolves outside playing and howling, the beds are very comfortable, there’s a full kitchen and a nice bathroom / shower – it’s really just perfect.

This accommodation comfortably fits 4 so if you’re at or below that number, we recommend going with a Wolf cabin.

The larger units are called Wolf chalets. There are two of these as well, ours being named the Arctiqué unit. The base price was $1019 CAD for one night, and with tax it was $1212 CAD. The total in USD was $897.

Of course being so much bigger (comfortably fits 6) it was a different experience, but you’re also situated in front of a different wolf pack. We saw a lot of wolf activity from this cabin, and the pack was bigger so we saw different wolves more often.

All told, both cabins were an amazing, comfortable experience, but we lean toward the smaller Wolf cabins because it’s just the right amount of space and the most important part is that you can have a fire inside.

If you stay at the park, you can do the drive-through portion as much as you want for free, which is awesome. Carrots for feeding will set you back about $4 CAD per bag, and buying at least two bags per person is recommended.

There are many other things to consider, like dinner and incidentals (see: taffy), but that should give you a general idea of what to expect in terms of budgeting.

How Long Should You Stay?

We’ve done two trips to the park and we recommend staying at least two days.

You could do one day, where you arrive in time to enter the park as soon as they open. Enjoy a full day and then check into your room at 4pm, get a nice dinner at the restaurant at around 6:30pm, and then head back to the room for a fire and wolf watching. Finally, order breakfast to your room on your day of departure and check out at 11am.

That is almost exactly what we did the first time we visited Parc Omega, and it was awesome. But it left us wanting more, so we booked again for the next year, and this time we booked a two-day stay.

Here is what that stay looked like:

Day 1

  • 4pm check-in to Wolf cabin.
  • Enjoy the cabin and wolf-watching, get dinner at a restaurant in town.
  • Get groceries for breakfast.
  • Night time fire.

Day 2

  • 8:30am cook breakfast.
  • 9:30am wolf feeding.
  • 11am enter the drive-through portion.
  • 4pm check-in to Wolf chalet, 6:30pm dinner.
  • 8pm return to cabin for fire and wolf-watching.

Day 3

  • 8:30am breakfast, coffee, music, and wolf-watching.
  • 11am check-out and enter the drive-through park again.
  • 4pm head home.

The two-day stay (days 1 and 3 are half days) allowed us to experience more, and we’ll be honest, we still left a little sad that we didn’t have more time!

There’s a lot more to the park than we originally thought and even after two visits, we haven’t experience it all. Things like dog-sledding, snow tubing, and ice skating are still on our list.

Can You Feed The Animals?

Yes, you can feed the animals at Parc Omega, and not just the small ones. One of the most unique features of the park is that you can drive through in your own car, roll down the windows, and feed animals both big (really big) and small.

First you’ll stop at the shop just before the entrance to the drive-through part of the park to get carrots. It’s $4 CAD a bag and we recommend getting at least two bags. It’s so fun to feed the animals, and there are so many of them, that you’ll burn through carrots pretty quickly, and we assure you, you can’t have too many! It’s not crazy to consider 3 or even 4 bags.

You can bring your own carrots to Parc Omega if you prefer, but we recommend buying them at the park to support the animals!

You’ll get to feed huge elk that are so tall they can lower their heads into the sun roof of a car. It’s just incredible. There is also a part of the park where you can get out on foot and feed deer by hand. Some are skittish and it’s really fun to throw them some carrot pieces and watch them start to trust you and come out of the woods for a treat.

Along with elk and deer, you can feed boars, but stick to throwing carrots to them – they’re strong and will bite, so you don’t want your hand anywhere near one of those things. The babies are cute, though!

One of our favorite things to do is spot smaller deer or boar that are being bullied or having trouble getting to a carrot and make sure we get them a treat. Try to do it in a way where the larger animals have no time to get to it, because they’re pretty hard on the little ones if competing for food.

Are You Guaranteed To See Wolves?

Oh yes. At Parc Omega, you would have to try to not see a wolf. They are everywhere, and while you might have to be patient at times, you will definitely see them and capture some of the most unforgettable moments and images found on your camera roll.

The park is designed for this exact thing. You’ll see them no matter what cabin you’re in because they’ve not only built huge windows into the units, but the wolves’ dry food is placed near those windows! Clever, isn’t it?

There is also a feeding every morning at 9:30am, where an expert will teach you about wolves in general and about the specific packs at the park.

There’s also a part of the drive-through experience with wolves as well, so don’t worry, you’ll get your fill of wolves and then some!

How Long Does It Take To Drive Through Parc Omega?

If you only drive and never get out of your car, it might take anywhere from 1-1.5 hours. But it’s very likely that you’ll stop to get out and hand-feed, then stop again at the Sugar Shack, and then again for the gift shop and the tree bridge.

With all of the activities, sights, and experiences available, it will take you hours to make your way through the park. And even after you’re done, you may be hungry enough to stop at the restaurant for lunch.

Each time we’ve visited, we enter the park around 11am and finish around check-in time at 4pm. It’s perfect, actually!

Parc Omega Map

The staff will provide you a map of the drive-through area (and, if you’re staying overnight, you’ll get a map of the entire grounds).

This is a map to study and get to know well. It’s not that complicated, but there are some parts that can be a bit tricky, and you can miss things if you don’t give it a good look before embarking on your journey!

You’ll enter at zone 1 and feed animals until zone 3.

After zone 3, you’ll reach a crossroad. We recommend taking a left here! This is the Trout Lake area where you can get out and hand-feed deer on foot.

Get back on the main road and head toward zone 5. Now you’re back on track.

Just follow the map and the zone numbers from here and you’ll be good to go. The one other thing we’ll stress as a “not to miss” is the Sugar Shack.

Is Parc Omega Good For Couples?

This park is so versatile. It’s great for couples but also families or friend groups.

As a couple, it’s wonderful because the experience of the animals is exhilarating, the sights and sounds of nature are deeply contemplative, and it’s all shared between you and your partner.

You get to build a fire for your loved one, cuddle against the bite of the winter winds, and you won’t be able to stop talking about everything you’ve been through together.

It’s a place you’ll want to visit again, and your partner is part of every wonderful memory you make there.

Go adventure together, be together, and remember together at Parc Omega.