Home Of Greek Yogurt North Attleboro Review

Should you go?


It’s a beautiful, welcoming location with great food, treats, wifi, and outlets under the seats!


We loved our experience at the Home Of Greek Yogurt in North Attleboro, MA. We visited on June 4th, 2023. The inside is bright and energetic, decorated in the white and blue colors of Greece.

It’s located in a nice area, nestled around new apartments. We saw young couples walking their dogs and enjoying the weather and it actually added to the atmosphere inside HOGY.

They had great music playing, free water, and fast, friendly service. Very comfortable seating, too! We ate lunch and dessert and worked on our computers for a while. Overall, a great time and we will definitely be back. Highly recommended!

If you’d like to try it out for yourself, it’s located at:

21 East St, North Attleborough, MA 02760

Food & Drink

Brian –  I got the tuna sandwich. Here’s the description:

Greens, Tuna, Cucumber, Onion, Tomato, Radishes, Chia Seeds, Balsamic Glaze & Spritz of EVOO

Price: $10.99

The tuna sandwich was really good. It doesn’t look like much, but it actually hit the spot quite nicely. That said, I can see some folks feeling like either the sandwich should be a bit bigger, or a dollar less at the same size.

The radishes and balsamic glaze were the stars for me. Ultimately, it’s a small but surprisingly hearty lunch item that is best paired with something else to complete the meal!

Shio –  I got the chicken sandwich and strawberry cacao smoothie. Here’s the description for the chicken sandwich:

Yogurt, Lettuce, Chicken or Chickpea Salad (Vegan Option), Sunflower Seeds, Pepitas, Walnuts, Sesame Sticks, Onions, Chia Seeds, Celery, Onion, Lemon Vinaigrette & Spritz of EVOO

Price: $10.99

The Chicken Sandwich was simple and delicious. The addition of yogurt is quite unique and a pleasant surprise, and the bread is crispy and fragrant. Moreover, it is generously filled with plenty of seeds, making it a healthy and light lunch option.

Here is the description for strawberry cacao smoothie:

Strawberry, Cacao, Organic Chocolate Protein & Oat Milk

Price: $8.99

The strawberry cacao smoothie was rich and incredibly refreshing, making it perfect for a hot summer day. Additionally, it contains protein powder, making it an excellent dessert choice after a workout.


We were looking forward to writing about the vibe in Home Of Greek Yogurt. In short, we loved it! Here’s why:

  • The environment is beautiful. The colors of Greece, white and blue, adorn the entire place. It has such a positive, clean energy that you just want to stay in.
  • The seats are super comfortable, coupled with the fact that this is a very welcoming establishment. You can come here to eat, drink, and work.
  • Wifi is fast and free, and – get this – the seats have outlets! This is a major plus and something we don’t see at many restaurants or cafes. Big shout out to HOGY for this one.
  • There are awesome seats/swings in front that are great for pictures. Share on Instagram and have your friends asking “where is that??”

All of this and more is why we love HOGY and why we’ll definitely be returning to spend more time here.


Parking is super convenient with an entire lot right across the street. Full disclosure, we didn’t go during a busy time, but it looked like there were plenty of spots available, even when it might be busier.

Crossing the street to get to HOGY was a breeze. It’s not a busy street, and like we mentioned earlier, this feels like a safe area surrounded by some new development going on, which is refreshing.

Home of Greek Yogurt
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19:31 13 Jun 23
10/10 Cafe. Absolute perfection. Such a genuine approach to Greek fare with a homemade in house Greek Yogurt. Great place to wind down. Great place to get work done. The space has such a bright and airy experience.
21:51 26 May 23
Once you try their yogurt you will never want any other. The atmosphere is bright & cheery & very clean. Everyone is so friendly & makes you feel very welcomed. The food is excellent. Everything is fresh & delicious! I would definitely recommend.
Eliza DionEliza Dion
19:30 20 May 23
This place offers a wide variety of fresh and delicious food…they also have so many different drink options from juices to coffees. Some of my favorite things I have tried are the salmon toast, egg toast, greek salad, and coconut almond mocha iced latte! If you are looking for a healthy and tasty option, you should definitely check this place out!
Mark MassadMark Massad
12:36 07 Apr 23
Listen up folks. This is not something we see often in a town like North Attleboro! The owner Alex, “fresh off the boat from Greece” as he depicts himself, is doing something special. He is making a family recipe of Greek yogurt - creamy, smooth, and perfectly tart. Nothing like Oykos or those other knock-offs. Alex’s product is a homemade family recipe and you can taste it. They offer almost everything a typical café would, but I got a 12oz Greek yogurt Berry Cup. Every bite was better than the last, and trust me the “small” size 12 is more than enough. Berries were fresh, yogurt tastes like it was just made, coconut shavings on top! The best part is the special honey they layer throughout the yogurt. It turns the yogurt into a healthy sweet breakfast, how could you complain about that? Had a double espresso and Alex was genuinely curious how I liked it, it was perfect. I haven’t felt so much natural energy to start my day in a long time.The decor is unmatched. Nothing I’ve seen in the many Café like places I’ve been to. They care about the customer experience. You will pay 7.99 for a small yogurt with berries which I think is a dollar or two higher than I was expecting, but I have ZERO regrets.See my pictures, give them a try, and if I’m wrong about the amazing experience you will have; I put my own reputation on the line as a Local Guide restaurant reviewer in the area. The whole area will be more chic as time goes on with tenants like this. I will be back frequently.