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The owner seems to prefer that guests spend a bit more during their stay (i.e., buy food and drinks), so if you’re just looking to get a coffee and work on your computer, this may not be the right place.


Our time at Little Sister in Providence, RI was a mixed bag. We were full from eating elsewhere, so we ordered drinks. It was very clear by the owner’s reaction that this was not preferred. While that is understandable, this was our first time, so we had no way of knowing that, and it did make things a little awkward.

It’s located at the crossing of two streets in a nice area. The exterior is really beautiful, and while it’s small inside and sometimes requires a reservation, the decor is great and it had a cool, exclusive feel to it. Little Sister is definitely hip and in demand!

If you’d like to try it out for yourself, here’s the address:

737a Hope St, Providence, RI 02906

Food & Drink

Brian –  I got the tepache. Here’s the description:

Fermented pineapple-ginger.

Price: $6.25

The tepache was an interesting drink that I hadn’t tried before. It was cold, super refreshing, and aromatic. The size was pretty big, too – I finished about half and took the rest in a to-go cup, and I felt I got my money’s worth.

As stated on the home page, this is a Puerto Rican café, so there are definitely some unfamiliar and intriguing items to try. Check out their menu for more info!

Shio –  I got the cappucino. Here’s the description:

100% Puerto Rican by Gusto Coffee Co.

Price: $4.50

My drink arrived at just the right time, even with the café being completely full when we were there. It had a mild flavor with no bitterness from the espresso, and was made with slightly more milk than I usually see. This could be either a positive or negative, depending on the type of cappuccino you prefer.

The presentation was fairly standard, with that classic frothy top, and the mug was a pleasant, rich orange color.


Little Sister has a really nice vibe. It has a beautiful green brick exterior that’s surrounded by (what looks like) vibrant cherry blossom trees. There’s also a logo (sort of florescent pink silhouette of a female head) on the outside of the building that helps to spot where the café is if you’ve never been before.

Inside, the walls are adorned with wine shelves, and the interior features shades of blue and orange, accentuated by cherry blossoms, adding a stylish and cozy touch.

It is small and perhaps a bit cramped inside, so this may not be the best fit for those looking for a more leisurely “walk-in” experience, and we do recommend considering a reservation before you visit.


Parking was super easy, but it’s possible we got lucky on this particular day. We found a spot right across the street, just a stone’s throw away from Little Sister.

Even though we technically did parallel park, our spot was in front of a driveway, so it was super easy.

With all that being said, on a busier day, it’s easy to imagine having to drive around looking for parking, and having to – *gulp* – parallel park on those tight Providence streets.

Little Sister
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Catherine ScottCatherine Scott
18:04 22 Apr 23
I recently had the pleasure of dining here for the chef’s tasting menu dinner. It was an incredible experience - the food, the ambiance, the wine, all of it was absolutely top-notch! We had a group of six, and chef Milena was great about making sure she knew all our dietary restrictions, serving us an amazing five-course tasting menu we all could enjoy.Milena and Mischa were friendly, attentive, and incredibly knowledgeable about the menu and wine pairings. All in all, I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for an extraordinary dining experience. My friends and I all had a truly spectacular and memorable night.
Betxaver VazquezBetxaver Vazquez
19:28 05 Mar 23
I’d like to start by saying I wish I lived closer to Little Sister. I’ve gone for brunch a few times and it has quickly become my favorite spot. Food is delicious, and the service is very good. Employees -and THE OWNER- value customers with strong attention to detail by caring about your whole dining experience.Pro tips:1. Make a reservation & read their disclaimers2. Review the menu in their website so you know what you might want to eat- in order to maximize your time!
Cate MarchettiCate Marchetti
16:44 07 Feb 23
I’ve been to Little Sister for coffee and brunch which is always lovely, but don’t sleep on the dinner service and wine tastings. They are intimate, delicious, and an amazing value! I did my first wine tasting on Sunday with a group of 6 friends and it was the perfect night out. A great balance between chatting and learning, and for the price our our tickets we got to try 5 wines and ate delicious “tapas” that were more like a full meal! All of the wines were available to purchase and the prices were reasonable, and you get to keep the cute wine glasses if you buy a bottle. I am planning to return with my mom in March for another tasting 😊
ingrid oliveiraingrid oliveira
06:17 09 Aug 22
loved loved this place! the decor was beautiful, the ambiance was great, and the staff was super nice! we also really enjoyed the food and were lucky to find a table outside. gets super busy during brunch hours on the weekend but it’s worth it
Olivia WilcoxOlivia Wilcox
20:37 28 Jul 22
Finally made it to Little Sister and we had a very nice lunch. The staff was friendly and helpful, we loved the decor and we were very happy with our salad and dessert! We will definitely be back to try some tapas on the weekend.