Paint and Vino Pawtucket Review

Should you go?


This is a wonderful experience for couples or friend groups. Things can get rowdy in there, but it’s part of the fun, and you’ll definitely leave with a piece of art you didn’t think you’d be able to create!


We loved our experience at Paint and Vino in Pawtucket, RI. We visited on March 9th, 2023, and then again later in the year. The inside is a small art space with multiple rooms, and stools to sit on.

It’s tucked away right off of route 95, and sits across from the Quality Hill Historic District, just to give you some sense of where it’s located. We’ve shared the full address below.

The website has a super convenient calendar that shows all the different art projects you can choose from, and online booking is really easy. There’s free drinks, the instruction is very good, and you’re likely to end up with a piece of art you didn’t think you could make. Highly recommended!

If you’d like to try it out for yourself, it’s located at:

150 Main St, Pawtucket, RI 02860


We loved the calendar on the website, which shows all the different projects that are upcoming. Here’s an example that shows a couple of weeks in November 2023:

It’s a super easy process to book tickets, and they send you confirmation emails and reminders about your upcoming date.


It’s got that old school art studio vibe. It honestly reminded us a little bit of an art classroom – maybe because that’s exactly what it is…

There are easels everywhere, and stools, smocks, and tables littered with the graffiti of past sessions. It’s very lived in, and the place was packed!

The girl at the counter taking tickets and drink orders was super friendly and everyone inside was excited and in a great mood. Really cool vibe and that’s a big reason we went a second time.


Parking was easy; we actually lucked out and got a perfect spot right in front of the school’s front door.

We were greeted warmly, got our Sam Adams beers, and sat down to survey our canvases and paints. Each person gets a styrofoam plate with an assortment of colored paint already prepared. And, of course, a can full of different brushes.

The teacher stands up on a sort of stage and demonstrates the different stages of developing your painting. There’s a finished product hanging as well, so you can see what the goal is.

We had kind of a rowdy (but fun) group near us, so the instructions were a little hard to hear at times, but when it’s a Friday night and the drinks are flowing, you’ve got to remain reasonable and just laugh with them.

Every step of the way, we were wondering if our paintings should end up looking like the finished product. Move on to the next section to find out if they did!


There are the finished paintings from our March 2023 visit! Not bad, right? And, (this is Brian speaking) I am no artist. I’ve actually never done a painting before in my life, but Paint and Vino has carefully chosen its projects and I’m confident all of them are suited for absolute beginners.

Don’t be intimidated – pick a project you love and dive right into it. Follow the teacher’s instructions carefully and we can pretty much guarantee you’ll end up with something you love!

Final Thoughts

We loved our experience at Paint and Vino. That’s why we went a second time. In fact, the painting on the right (pictured below) is from our second session:

It’s fun, welcoming, creative, and great for date nights or group outings. We emphatically recommend it and will be back – see you there!

Paint and Vino
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Ryan CaseyRyan Casey
10:06 26 Oct 23
Megen TessmanMegen Tessman
02:13 28 Sep 23
A wonderful night painting, easy to follow step by step instructions, all supplies provided
chitra chchitra ch
01:22 18 Sep 23
Had amazing time at this paint and vino session. Must experience.You get two free beverages with your ticket. There is a 10 minute break mid way of the session. Instructor is very patient and is doing an awesome job.Ample parking space.Bonus: You’ll be able to catch a glimpse of Pawtucket falls right from the parking.
Rob PelletierRob Pelletier
02:37 11 Aug 23
I had the best time ever. I was hesitant to go but I'm so glad my wife convinced me. I will definitely go again. Corrie was a great instructor and helped us have a good time. Hey guys go with your girl, you will have fun I promise.
Visshal SureshVisshal Suresh
06:55 22 Jul 23
Jeannine CalandraJeannine Calandra
16:42 24 Mar 23
, I went with 10 of my girlfriends and had a blast. They sat us all together and had a wonderful selection of wines and beer. Our paintings came out great with the help of the instructor. Will definitely be back!
Lulu RainLulu Rain
17:21 14 Feb 23
Great place to connect with your loved one. We received 2 free drinks and the painting lesson was easy. I enjoyed every minute of it