Pressed Cafe Burlington Review

Should you go?


This isn’t just another fast casual food joint. Pressed is fast, reasonably priced, and the food is super high quality. Free wi-fi, too!


We loved our experience at Pressed Cafe in Burlington, MA. We visited on May 7th, 2023. The inside is simple and modern, with wood tones and artsy pictures hanging on the walls.

This particular location is situated right across from the Burlington mall in a really nice area. One of our favorite things to do is eat and work at Pressed and take a walk around the grounds and visit the mall for some shopping.

The menu is full of healthy, delicious choices. Service at the counter is super fast – they move things along really well and have the process down. And you won’t be waiting for the food long. And the food is an absolute knockout. Highly recommended!

If you’d like to try it out for yourself, it’s located at:

200 District Ave, Burlington, MA 01803

Food & Drink

Team, we’re here to tell you that this place is special. We know, we know; it’s a chain, how could it be so good? Let’s start with some pics:

Just look at that grub! The menu is full of wonderful combinations and surprises, and you’ve got choices in every category:

  • Breakfast
  • Smoothies
  • Healthy juices
  • Bowls
  • Sandwiches / Paninis
  • Even drinks (yes, there’s a bar!)

The prices, in our opinion, are reasonable for the quality and what you get. It’s understandable if you feel they’re a little high, this is a bit of a subjective topic, but we love the quality and how much healthier this food is compared to, say, somewhere like Chipotle, which is loaded with salt.

Our go-to items at Pressed are:

  • Greek Chicken Farro bowl
  • Red Dragon Tuna bowl
  • Health Nut smoothie w/ whey protein

The bowls always come out within 10 minutes (usually around 5 minutes or less), and they’re steaming hot and fresh.

The smoothie is just irresistable. It’s got avocado and cinnamon and dates, and a shelf life of about 37 seconds in our hands.

We’ve also tried their fresh juices and peppery health shots, and everything is top notch.


It’s not overly fancy inside but it’s comfortable, wood-toned, and lived in, rather than sterile or the polar opposite – dirty and unkempt.

There’s free wi-fi and it’s turned out to be one of our favorite spots to post up and work after a great meal. In fact, we’re at Pressed right now as we write this blog! You can stay as long as you want without ever feeling pressure to leave, and there’s actually a good amount of seating; we’ve never had a problem finding somewhere to settle in and get comfortable, even when it’s really busy.

One tiny gripe is that sometimes they don’t get the music volume right – it can get quite loud, but to be fair, we’ve noticed that they’re doing much better with this lately.


The Burlington Pressed is right across from the mall, so even if you had trouble finding a space in the main lot (which you won’t), you could always pop over to the mall lot and it would be a short walk.

Final Thoughts

If you’re not imPRESSED by now (ha), you’ll never be! Seriously, Pressed Cafe Burlington is another great location from the chain. Items are reasonably priced, the service is excellent, and the food is an absolute knockout. Not to mention that after you’re done feasting, you can settle in, work on your computer, and take in the vibe in this lively scene.

We hope you love it as much as we do. Thanks for reading our review!

Pressed Cafe
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19:02 04 Nov 23
My friend and i had lunch there today both of us ordered meals with spinach.. And having been throwing up all day!! The food didn't even taste good we ate half of it and felt sick 🤢 do not eat here!!
Slew LewSlew Lew
15:14 04 Nov 23
Oscar LittmarckOscar Littmarck
17:36 01 Nov 23
Honestly surprised with the good reviews. This place used to be good. In 2016. Now it’s clear the standards have been thrown out of the window. I had a salmon rice bowl today because I remember it was good back in the day- I took two bites and threw it away. Now I have a stomach ache as I’m writing this; it was worse than airplane food. Fishy salmon and pineapples that were fresh six months ago. I’ve tried to go several times over the last month to see if it’s just some things that are bad but no- across the board. Great place to go if you like posting smoothies on Instagram. If you’re looking for real food, look elsewhere- this area has so many better options. Quite sad because it used to be good
17:39 31 Oct 23
Great place for breakfast and lunch 👍
Lucy McCarthyLucy McCarthy
13:24 30 Oct 23
Food was ok but not great and it was pricey. The juices are tasty, but also overpriced. Workers are always running around like bees swarming. I think they need more workers. The employees seemed very stressed I guess that’s why it is “pressed.”
Sam JahnSam Jahn
18:00 14 Sep 23
Smoothie specific: I’ve been purchasing smoothies from Pressed for many years. Recently, I noticed they were thinner and less filling. Turns out they are now made in large batches for quicker service, no longer fresh. It’s obvious they are mostly compromised of the base (almond milk, apple juice etc).The manager is lovely and we’ve discussed this issue, but my requests for “make thick” are often ignored. Also, I can’t be asking for a remade smoothie every time I order. Luckily, LIV’S opened up a few miles away. I strongly recommend them for a more cost effective, freshly made, option with substance.
Rachel YuRachel Yu
23:36 21 Aug 23
These have been popping up everywhere lately, so I finally decided to stop by this location for lunch. It was so ridiculously busy that there were no tables inside or out, just a couple barstools along the window, which we quickly grabbed. It was so unbelievably loud inside that it felt like a high school cafeteria. So overstimulating we just wanted to eat and leave quickly. The food took a very short time which was great, and it was very generously sized. A cup of chowder was much bigger than competitors and was the perfect consistency with lots of clams and potatoes. The Cobb salad was massive! The bread and pita that came with it were so soft and fresh. The loudness and chaos of this place were forgiven when we tried the food. The employees were also very helpful and kind despite it being so busy. Very flavorful and generous portions. We will be back perhaps on a less busy day to try more from the menu!
What’s up for DinnerWhat’s up for Dinner
02:09 13 Aug 23
The place is located strategically close to the shopping mall, hospital and the offices.The menu is extensive, breakfast dishes are served throughout the day. The ambiance is also great, with both indoor and outdoor seating in the summertime.The food is reasonably priced, May be we ordered the not so popular food. For my taste the food lacked in flavor, the only good part was food( vegetables) was not wilted and was served hot.Won’t be visiting any soon.
Brooks AngeloBrooks Angelo
17:43 07 Aug 23
this place is a nice place to go if you want a quick bite. Although a bit expensive the bowls are worth it. i got a bowl and a panini. the panini was pretty bland and it was mostly bread. its okay though because i get that sandwiches are always mostly bread. i would recommend!
Chester LiuChester Liu
22:41 18 Jun 23
Ordered the sweet and spicy salmon rice bowl to go. It was really awful. The vegetables were wilted and the worst thing was the salmon. It was in little bits and chunks in the bowl. Look at the photo. Not appetizing at all. Can't believe I paid so much for it. The quantity was poor as well.This was Sunday dinner. Maybe the cooks are worse than weekday ones.