The Lobster Trap Bourne Review

Should you go?


While a few items are priced pretty high, the lobster roll is very good and the menu, vibe, and views make it a great place to stop in for a meal.


The Lobster Trap in Bourne, MA is one we’ve had saved on my phone as “want to go” for some time now. Well, this afternoon, we found ourselves only 15 minutes away and hungry, so we stopped in to try it out.

It’s small to medium -sized with a bright, lively vibe, great decor, and great views overlooking the Black River. It’s got a gift shop and a seafood market, which we thought was really cool.

There are some great menu items, and service was friendly and attentive. It ended up being a little expensive, but if you’re in the mood for a delicious splurge purchase, this is a great place to consider.

It’s located at 290 Shore Rd, Bourne, MA 02532 if you’d like to visit. We definitely recommend it!


Be aware that the spot in front of the restaurant are for 10-minute parking only. There are signs, but they’re a little small, so we wanted to give you a heads up. If you pull into one and have to back out, the lot is a little tight so it could be a bit tricky.

The side lot, again, is a bit on the small side, but the restaurant does have a neighboring parking lot that looks like it might be where you have to go if you can’t find a spot in The Lobster Trap’s main lot.

Fortunately we were able to squeeze into a spot between two SUVs, so we didn’t run into any trouble or have to go exploring too much.


Lobster Trap has a really cool vibe! It has that “old wooden ship” kind of feel to it; very Cape Cod.

The entire right side of the main dining room is made up of windows, and the natural light just pours in. Take in some rays of sunshine as you look out over the water and listen to the broken rhythms of scattered conversations throughout the room.

When you first walk in, there is a small gift shop on the right with some really cool items, and a seafood market straight ahead! We thought this was really unique and something we haven’t seen in a lot of restaurants (if any, now that we think of it).

Just look at the abundance of fresh seafood! After our meal, we bought a pound of fresh salmon to take home for dinner.

Food & Drink

The menu has plenty of variety, so everyone at the table should be able to find something they like. Signature dishes are highlighted in lobster red, a clever touch.

Most items are priced pretty reasonably; there wasn’t any sticker shock until we got to the lobster items. We totally get that lobster (and seafood in general) can be expensive, but nearly $40 for a lobster roll is quite a lot.

Let’s Talk About the Lobster Roll

Let’s get into the lobster roll a bit, since this is a signature dish and since the place is literally called Lobster Trap.

  • It’s slightly bigger in size compared to other lobster rolls we’ve had.
  • It is very fresh and absolutely delicious.
  • There is the perfect amount of mayo on it.
  • The lettuce was satisfyingly crunchy.
  • The bun was buttered just right.

So, yes, it is on the expensive side, but throw it in the “splurge” category and just enjoy it, because it is likely to be one of the better lobster rolls you’ll have down the Cape!

Final Thoughts

The Lobster Trap is a great spot to try in Bourne. The restaurant not only has a beautiful, classic Cape Cod dining room, a delicious and versatile menu, and good service, but it also has a gift shop and a fresh seafood market if you need to buy tomorrow’s lunch or dinner.

We really enjoyed ourselves and it was nice to check this one off the list. We hope you love it too!

Lobster Trap Restaurant
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Michelle SuchMichelle Such
21:17 04 Nov 23
Great menu, great service. Will definitely be back!
Courtney WilsonCourtney Wilson
23:59 01 Nov 23
I'll be taking more friends here for sure when we visit. It was recommended to me by my neighbor. Plenty of options, fresh quality seafood, and great service helping my dad make a big order for a road trip back to Ohio. Packed the cooler and everything. This team should be proud of their hard work.
Jozef WatsonJozef Watson
01:01 31 Oct 23
Excellent local restaurant with fresh food and very friendly staff and fast service. Prices are a bit higher than we normally go to but the food was delicious and worth the cost. The onion rings are outstanding and I really enjoyed the fish tacos and the salad with the squash and beets. The lobster roll was fine but that's more a me thing than a reflection of their quality as I felt the same at other places as well. I don't get the allure of lobster, I don't dislike it but don't crave it either. If you like lobster I'd assume it is pretty good but I'd look to other reviews on that specific item. The fries were outstanding.
Growing up on the Cape I wanted to share the fresh seafood experience with my friend from Italy. Service was great, nothing to complain about there. The food on the other hand… I’m disturbed.We ordered:3 oysters/ 3 shrimpShrimp still frozen & tastelessMussels - had the “not fresh taste” and many unopenedSteamers - sent back as they smelled and were not fresh. Scared I ate a bad one. Never in my life have I not loved a steamer. Disgusting.Fried whole belly clams - these were pretty goodOnion rings - 10/10 very good2Lb lobster - SAD & Disappointing— absolutely tasteless. What’s going on here? Meat was sort of grainy and seemed soaked with water or prev. Frozen. Overall extremely upset that my friends first lobster experience was like this.
Jesse GosmanJesse Gosman
23:08 29 Oct 23
BWS TravelBWS Travel
21:34 28 Oct 23
- Food: Calamari is really tasty. Has a soy sauce zing to them. Very crunchy. Really good steamers as well. I think their lobster roll is one of the best in Cape Cod. Very reasonable prices.- Atmosphere: Plenty of tables inside and also have a popular outside patio.
Dean By ViDean By Vi
01:30 20 Oct 23
I've eaten here several times. The restaurant is pretty much always packed due to the amazing food. Fresh ingredients and flavors! If you cook it they will come, lol. I had the pan seared salmon and a special of cod and corn chowder. 😋, and also served was Shrimp cocktail and a whole clam Roll, delicious 🤤. Parking can be an issue, but they do offer parking just a block away, easy walk. My Salmon was one of the best I have had.
Tabi SpragueTabi Sprague
23:20 14 Aug 23
Delicious and fun.I love this restaurant. Always had a great time every time I went there with my husband and my mom last time.Every time they post on Instagram pictures of the food I feel like I need to be there asap to try it out again, specially when they have a pasta special.I only wished they had a reservation system. Now that I have a newborn baby is not easy to get there unless I go during not busy hours. They are always busy tho, why? because like I said, is delicious and fun.